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Current class offerings as of January 2018

Classes are $60 monthly or $162 quarterly. Discounts for multiple family members.

Privates on Request


4:00-5:00PM - Kids Tap 1 (Ages 7 - 12)

5:00-6:00PM - Teen / Adult Tap 0

6:00-7:00PM - Teen / Adult Tap 2

7:00-8:00PM - Teen / Adult Tap 1

Step In Time Dance Studio

The Spokane area is blessed with many professional and community theatre opportunities. Step In Time Dance Studio was created by Heidy Cartwright with the goal to help Spokane area thespians improve their dancing for the stage. Her extensive dancing background combined with her years of professional teaching creates a fun and energetic environment that accommodates students of all ages and abilities.

Heidy started dancing at the age of three. In grade school her training included tap, ballet, jazz, acrobatics, hip-hop, drama, and musical theatre. She studied with such amazing teachers as Debbie Reynolds (Dance in Action, Debbie Reynolds Studio), Doris Weiss, Kathy Pickle, and Jason and Lisa Weiss (ShowCase Studio, Inc, and Santa Fe Spring Center of Dance). Upon graduating from High School she attended Riverside Community College where she studied drama and dance under the notable Rita Chenoweth, Denise Donovon, Jo Deardorff, Leanne McGregor, and Mark Heinz. Next, she received her B.A. in Drama from University of California, Irvine and studied with such notable teachers as Robert Choen, Cliff Faulkner, Keith Fowler, and Eli Simon. While attending UCI, Heidy was able to work with one of Hollywood's exciting writer/ director/ producer/ choreographer, Roxanne Messina Captor, who brought the Pre-Broadway stage version of the MGM Classic Musical "Summer Stock" to the stage. This gave Heidy the opportunity to play a character role, be featured as a tap dancing soloist and become the productions Dance Captain and Assistant Choreographer. Along with her performing talents, Heidy has her Masters of Education in Teaching and has her teaching credential for the primary grade levels. She continues to perform in the Spokane community and enjoys teaching young and older students alike.


Spokane-we are so fortunate to have Heidy Cartwright in Spokane as a dance instructor starting her dance studio, Step In Time Dance Studio. On paper she is impressive being trained by Debbie Reynolds (Fame) with years of impressive experience BUT more importantly, she CAN really teach! The progress my kids and I have made in such a short time is miraculous! I selfishly hesitate to share this information because once the word gets out, I know that her studio will be jam packed and our time with this angel sent from heaven (I'm on to you Heidy!) will be limited. She is a master choreographer and can take any dancer at any level and clean-up, improve, or increase their steps, sounds, form and level to near perfection! If you are looking for a highly personal and professional dance instructor-Heidy Cartwright is top notch! Get signed up before she's too full! It's just a matter of time before the word gets out! I could not be more pleased. - Heidi Santiago

Heidy is great at working with an Actor's busy schedule! Plus, she sure knows what she's doing!!! - Caryssa Murphy

Heidy Cartwright is a great instructor who brings passion to her art. It would be to ones benefit to take lessons. - Robert Muruca

From the perspective of someone with three left feet... Heidy is that rare gem of an instructor: patient, supportive, capable of transforming any student into a competent dancer. If you are looking for something challenging AND fun, something that will be the highlight of your week, Heidy is the teacher for you! - Nate Edmons

Heidy has a rare gift of breaking down steps into manageable segments, so even harder combos are never frustrating. She is a great teacher who combines a passion for dance, high-level techniques, and personable style. Truly the "happy" and "inspiring" of our week! - Ingrid Elisabeth LaVoie

I swear I've learned more in 4 lessons with Heidy than I learned in 8 years of tap at a studio where I used to live. - Maria Franco Caprile

I'm barely a few weeks in, and I look forward to going every time! Heidy is a fantastic instructor, and she is very fun to work with. - Colton Fletcher


3304 S. Sullivan Rd,
Veradale, Washington

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